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BookStack to organize your documentation and manage all your data.

BookStack to organize your documentation and manage all your data.
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BookStack is a real free knowledge and data management software allowing you to manage your own digital library. It's writing and managing all your documents.

In the era of the smartphone, video and audio, no one can deny the existence of books. These can be in the form of ebooks, knowledge base, product documentation and others.

During the project, it is not a concern to take care of the documentation, the writing and the content. This situation can be counterproductive and scare away new users.

It is obvious that any good documentation of a project is necessary. It is just like its usefulness and its quality to be an integral part of the overall success.

What is wiki software ?

It's having your personalized library wherever you are. The basic content organization is on a metaphor of a library. A bookshelf contains books, which contain chapters, which themselves contain pages. Content resides in pages.

You know that Wikipedia has over 50 million pages in over 300 languages. Then you know what wiki software is which is a solution used to create, share and edit content.

Any wiki promotes collaboration and allows you to contribute and share your knowledge by improving the content. Quality control with decentralized decision-making.

There are many use cases for wiki software :

  • For the use of tutorials and instructions.
  • To store and share instructions and knowledge.
  • For internal team collaboration.
  • To generate ideas and publish them so that the whole community adds their suggestions.
  • For teachers who can share course materials.
  • To work like textbooks.
  • To present email discussions in a wiki.
  • All sectors of activity can use BookStack (Companies, Associations, Tertiary sector, services, communities, ...)

The characteristics of wiki software ?

Beyond creation, it is to create a knowledge base and documentation. This becomes an essential guide for all users.

BookStack is a wiki software to write, manage and publish any documentation. This open-source software focuses on documentation and provides an intuitive user experience. This software is simpler and newer.

Any advanced user will be able to use Markdown for writing and also manage access rights. Just as to customize the interface according to your tastes and wishes.

BookStack features :

  • It is a simple and easy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.
  • BookStack is powered by PHP, Laravel code with MySQL as its database.
  • BookStack is supported by all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Mobile OS..) because it is accessible from an internet web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, ...).
  • Lots of configuration options. Like a permission and role system, you can also lock actions and content as needed.
  • You can change the name, logo and saved options.
  • Features advanced sorting.
  • Fully searchable. You benefit from inter-book sorting, page revision, ...
  • You can save a page as a draft or publish it immediately. When importing text by copy/paste, you can clean up the imported styles.
  • Image management.
  • Multilingual. You can set your preferred language EN, FR, DE, ES, IT,JA, PL, NL, RU.. and more.
  • You can integrate with authentication providers such as LDAP, Google, Slack, GitHub, Azure AD... Okta, SAML2 and LDAP are options available for enterprise environments.
  • Page revision. A comprehensive system of roles and permissions allows you to lock in control and the necessary actions.
  • The structure of the document can be carried out at several levels of headings. You can highlight important messages. There is the option to add a PDF document. There is the possibility of adding a link to a document on the page. As well as adding a preview of the document to the page.
  • Integrated authentication. You can integrate multi-factor authentication with MFA options which includes TOTP (Google:Microsoft Authenticator, Authy...). By default, only members of the unit can see its contents. It is possible to define visibility rights for visitors.
  • An optional markdown editor.
  • There is the possibility of having a theme for light or shadow mode. This allows you to choose whether you want to work in the shade to less strain your eyes.
  • Free and open-source software. BookStack categorization is limited to four levels. (Shelves, books, chapters and pages).

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BookStack is a simple, open-source, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information.

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